Rob Petti

A self motivated and committed Build/DevOps Developer with excellent creative problem-solving abilities. A continuous learner with effective communication skills. Honest, dedicated, and reliable with strong work ethic.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering; University of Alberta


Principal Build Engineer at OpenText; July 2016 - Present

Migrating, maintaining and improving automated build infrastructure and software systems for assisting with rapid application development and release.

Software Release Engineer at HP; April 2008 - Jun 2016

Developing and maintaining automated build infrastructure and software systems for assisting with rapid application development and release.

iSeries Systems Analyst at Shell Canada Limited; May - September 2006

Technical Experience

Docker: Experience with creating and deploying Docker images and containers for rapid prototyping of systems and configurations, and Docker Swarm for deployment of services and development tools.

Linux, Solaris, AIX, and HPUX: Expertise with setup, maintenance, and use of a variety of Unix distributions.

Virtualization: Experience with the deployment and use of ESXi, and the usage of vCloud, vSphere, VirtualBox, EC2, and Hercules.

Ansible: Makes use of Ansible for build system configuration management, and managing personal AWS instances.

AWS: Working knowledge of Amazon Web Services, primarily Route53, EC2, and S3.

Programming Languages
Python, Perl, and Bash: Makes extensive use of interpreted scripting languages both in day-to-day work and automating tasks.

Golang: Makes frequent use of golang for developing APIs, services, and tools.

Java and Groovy: Wrote and maintained Java code for many years as part of Jenkins plugin development, InstallAnywhwere plugins, and custom Ant tasks.

Ant, Make, Gradle: Writes and maintains build scripts using a variety of languages.

Working knowledge of C/C++, C#, Javascript/NodeJS, and some Ruby.

Able to quickly learn most imperative languages.

Source Control Systems
Perforce: Expertise with deployment, maintenance and use of Perforce.

Git: Extensive experience with the use of Git, as well as configuring and operating Git servers, such as Gitolite, Gogs, and GitLab.

Subversion: Experience with the use of SVN, as well as maintenance and administration of httpd-driven Subversion servers.

Mercurial: Experience with the use of HG, as well as mainentance and administration of Mercurial servers.

Continuous Integration
Jenkins: Expertise with the deployment and configuration of Jenkins for continuous builds.

TeamCity: Experience with configuration and use of TeamCity.

GitLab CI/CD: Expertise with creation and maintenance of CI/CD pipelines, and configuration of various runner types.

Open Source
Jenkins: Developed and maintained several useful and some niche plugins, including the (now deprecated) perforce-plugin.

Black Duck Prometheus Exporter: Developed a basic Prometheus exporter in Go for gathering operational statistics from Black Duck Hub. Also shipped as a docker image.


Calgary, AB, Canada