Deploying a third party artifact to a Maven Repository

Specifically, I’m attempting today to deploy the Perforce P4Java api to the Sonatype core Maven repository. Sonatype has plenty of documentation on this process, but most of them make the assumption that you are building the artifacts from source, and that you are already familiar with maven. I’m a maven newbie and I obviously don’t […]

Calling dynamically loaded Java classes with Groovy

So I’ve got this ridiculous task ahead of me… I somehow need to call a Spring Bean data access object (DAO) from InstallAnywhere using groovy scripting. The idea is that the webapp being installed has all the code in order to set up the database, but there are certain things that need to be done […]

Partitioning DASD in Yast Hangs

I ran into this obsurd issue today. Apparently Suse 11 zLinux doesn’t handle partition creation properly on DASD disks. When it gets to actually running the fdasd command (zLinux version of fdisk, as near as I can tell) it simply hangs there forever. The work around is pretty basic, just exit out of yast, and […]

Clock running fast in CentOS/RedHat VirtualBox Guest

Just ran into this issue while setting up a CentOS 4.7 test virtual machine for some debugging work. After some digging around on the webernets, I found this little gem. Basically, the kernel is hardcoded for a higher timer frequency than VirtualBox is providing. 10 times in fact. The simple solution is to add divider=10 […]

Conditionally launching downstream jobs in Hudson

This recently came up in the hudson users mailing list, so I figured I’d post it here. Lets say you wanted to setup a downstream job that would only run when certain conditions are met (such as certain build parameters, or anything else for that matter). Well, this is what I typically use the Groovy […]

Installing Suse SLES 11 zLinux in Hercules

What follows is a chronicle of my efforts in getting Suse SLES 11 installed in Hercules. Hopefully it will be of use to others who need to deal with this ridiculous 31 bit platform. Recently I received a request to build a product for a rather ridiculous platform, S380. Needless to say, this is one […]